Monday, July 1, 2013

Long time no Post! Polka Dot Classroom Stuff!

Hello All! Its been a while since I posted. I have just been so busy working on products for my TPT store, working out, and spending time with family. Here is bit of what I have been working on. Since I last posted I have a created quite a bit. Here is the latest of my polka dot products.
I have been waiting a while to create this. I thought of this idea in the middle of the school year but did not want to change my word wall style in the middle of the year. Next year, I will be teaching 2nd grade so I will implement this style in the upcoming year. This system allows students to identify parts of speech when using the word wall. The products I have created include a key poster, parts of speech posters, and blank cards so the teacher can add the words that they want. I will be using the blank cards to help with those words that have more than one part of speech. I have also created special lists of sight words that are available for purchase at my TPT store.

List 1 has the first 30 words on the Frys Word List.

List 2 has the next 36 words on the Frys Word List.

List 3 has the last 34 words on the Frys First Word List.
I hope this is a useful kit for many teachers!

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